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A new journey - into Android

Posted on June 6, 2018


Well, it was quite by accident. I was trying to learn Sanskrit words, and could not find any app that could help me learn them as flash cards. So, I decided to make one for myself.

Android development is all new to me. I had always been into python. And here comes Udacity [1] to the rescue. The basic free courses helped me make my app. You can check it out here - Sanskrit Flash Cards App :)

Then, the bug bit me. I just dived into it, trying to learn more and more about Android development, with more ideas coming into my head about the possibilities of apps to be created.

I failed in my next project. It was a complicated one for me - a game. I ran into Memory leaks, Performance issues, and the app kept crashing from time to time. It took a lot of my time, but I was not so experienced till then. The project got shelved. I started working on learning more to become better.

I think Android development is tougher than Web development (which i have tried my hand at too), in the sense that there is more at stake. Sometimes, I find it a little harder to debug than in web development too. There are too many factors influencing how your app behaves including the device screen size, OS version, network connection, user interaction sequence, memory space available. After the release, if God forbid, there is a bug left in the code that crashes the app or causes some big issue for the user, you have to put a new apk version in the Playstore, and then wait for all the users to update to it. It is simpler to fix a issue in production for websites. (This is my personal opinion, and maybe this comparison is like comparing apples and oranges)

Then, I found out about Udacity & Google's scholarship program on Android development. I was just so excited! I applied straightaway, and I got selected for the "Android Intermediate track" scholarship challenge of 3 months. Out of tens of thousands of eager applicants (students and working professionals), 5000 people were selected for this challenge.

I have studied from Udacity courses since they launched the first course on Artificial Intelligence. I learnt python from Udacity. I already knew the content is going to be very good, and this one is made in collaboration with Google. The Scholarship challenge phase gave us a great community of fellow learners, along with the already great content to learn from. The discussions in forums and slack gave us more ideas about how to code better, and which concepts to learn more about. The whole community was ready to help each other solve issues, and to learn more. 

The 3 months flew by, with a lot of learning packed in them. Now, it was time to see if I got selected for the full scholarship. And Yayy!! I was. From the scholarship challenge phase participants, 150 were selected for a full scholarship to learn more advanced material. I was one of them. :D

So, now starts the 6 month journey to climb even further in the Android development ladder, and to learn and become better at it. This time, we also have personal mentors, code reviews, and a lot of projects to code. And this is going to be fun!


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